Letter From James Rowen

Santa Clara Plays Fair was, in its heyday, a thorn in the side of stadium backers. There were many things I did not like about the organization, but it played by the rules of campaign finance. It registered and declared its funding sources. This was what the Political Reform Act of 1974 was all about. Sadly, Stand Up Santa Clara, a group right out of the Turner Diaries has about the same desire as the Ku Klux Klan, shroud themselves in secrecy, take payoffs from people like Debi Davis (See Gabe Foo payment-Davis/Watanabe 460s for 1/30/17) and Kathy Watanabe after the fact. The latest desire of the Stand UP, S.A., is to close down the Weekly printing press. This is not Tennessee of 1923, or Hamburg of 1927. Shadowy groups with cowls of secret funding or armbands for local hate are not welcome. Oppose the stadium all you want if you choose like Play Fair to play fair, the crawling underground of the Stand Up crowd is not a Santa Clara way.