Letter from James Rowen

Santa Clara schools are in danger of becoming a playground for a group of political barnburners with no interest in helping educate children. These hopeless miscreants stand at local festivals handing out fliers with made up quotes from school children about our terrible schools. They make podcasts for neo-conservative organizations that attack our President, and support board members who have the social skills of skunks. One candidate for school board has gone from professional student to a teacher who roams from district to district demanding attention for her poor ability to maintain a classroom, while another candidate has spent his entire adult life attacking institutions for not paying attention to him. This fall, the voters will be asked to increase the influence of two of the most irresponsible and selfish board members in California, or elect board members that want to help our schools. Santa Clara residents believe the candidate should play fair, and will reject the bad candidate in the black dress, and return Albert Gonzalez and Elise DeYoung, and elect a lifelong volunteer, Jim VanPernis, to the board.