Letter from James Rowen

The silly refrain from people about the loads of money spent on the Measure J campaign two years after the fact is just a silly refrain. The June 2010 primary was largely a Republican election, and many people voted who were older, owned homes, and were dedicated voters. These are people who seldom vote on the basis of free burritos. As a matter of fact, if Mr. Catambay knows of voters who vote on the basis of free food, it demonstrates that he knows some very stupid people. The petitions about the DDA were based on ignorance and false information. At no time was the city’s general fund considered part of the deal, and ultimately, the full faith and credit of the Niners was the principal backstop for the loans. A judge who has a stellar representation for conservative judgements, largely on the side of disclosure and public input ruled against the petitions and there was no appeal. It may be that Elvis is still alive, we never went to the moon, and FDR was working with the Elders of Zion to get us into World War Two, which is the Catambay version. Not the truth, though.