Letter from Jack Azevedo

Because, the actions of our government officials can sometimes leave us frustrated, I, a devout fan of the 49ers and the pending Santa Clara stadium, would like to offer an olive branch to Alan Eft and William Catambay, who are vehemently opposed to the stadium plan.

You see I am one of the 80% of Americans that was perfectly happy with my health plan until the federal government decided to force their new convoluted plan, on us.

Should MR. Eft and Mr. Cambay be able to get Obama care repealed, I will do my best to get the plans for the new 49er stadium canceled. I must admit, my gracious offer would result in me, as a taxpayer, saving a great deal more on health care than they would as residents of Santa Clara who oppose the stadium. Until then, we just have to accept the fact that “elections have consequences”