Letter From J. Tim Sturges

This is not a complicated ordinance to draft. Most of the residences around SCU are zoned R1-6L which means: one lot, one house. Single family means: one adult related to the other occupants by marriage, blood, judicial decree, or partnership agreement. For R1-6L a house is a home for a single family.

Every second of delay only serves the vested interests of non-single family property owners. Who, within the current roster of politicians and City employees, sincerely has the best interests of family owned and occupied homes to heart?

The heel-dragging and obfuscation of the City Council and drafters of the Neighborhood Protection Ordinance smacks of the same political stall tactics that have paralyzed the United States Congress…AKA, the do-nothing Congress.

Our City has plenty of property, appropriately zoned, to meet the needs of everyone who wishes to reside here.