Letter From Howard Myers

Devious methods by Measure A supporters

Santa Clara’s Measure A is a mail in ballot only, you have to return the ballot or you won’t vote. A friend told me the instructions given to those union members making the phone calls pushing for A are to be sure and remind supporters to watch for and return the ballot by mail. Those that are not supportive of the measure are not to be reminded it is a mail in ballot, in hopes they won’t understand and won’t return the ballot.

Illegal? Probably not if the people making the calls are not supported by any tax funded organization.(Which I can’t be sure of.)

Unethical to give more information to one group than another? I think so.

Moral of the story? Be aware it is a mail in ballot and return it if you want to vote. And if you are not a property owner but rent from one, don’t kid yourself you won’t be affected. We need less administrators, not more taxes.