Letter From Alan Eft

In the March 28th issue an article appeared with the title: “Some Say Diverse Bay Area Will Reap Benefits of New Stadium…”

You could also have published an article with the title: “Some Say Home Values Will Decrease around New Stadium…”

Living near the Stadium Site, I hear my neighbors talking about home values. Many are considering selling their homes or moving and renting them. The decrease of quality life because of additional Noise, Vehicle/Pedestrian Traffic, and the inevitable Litter, for 10-12 NFL games and 10-15 major non-NFL events (not even considering the ‘minor’ non-NFL events, or a second NFL team) is more than they want to deal with. Stadium supporters say just “Suck it up, it’s only a few days a year!” (Easy to say when you don’t live near the Stadium). But, the only options really are “Suck it up”, or move.