Letter from Gabriel Ibarra

Name of Business Location Distance Time Status Times per Week One year ;(
Before Moonlight Bowl Moonlight Shopping Center 1.4 miles 5m Closed Why? 2 to 3 times
After Homestead Bowl 20990 Homestead Road 5.8 miles 12m 2 to 3 times
Before Kohl’s 3700 El Camino Real 2.4 miles 8m “” Once a month
After Kohl’s 525 E. Hamilton Ave 8.7 miles 14m
Before Office Depot Moonlight Shopping Center 1.4 miles 5m “” once a week
After Office Depot 121 E. El Camino Real 3.34 miles 13m once a week
Before Orchard Supply El Camino Real at Lawrence 2.4 miles 8m “” once a week
After Orchard Supply Sunnyvale Ave 3.56 miles 14m once a week
Before SaveMart Moonlight Shopping Center 1.4 miles 5m “” two times 145.6 miles
After Lucky’s El Camino Real at Lawrence 2.4 miles 8m two times 249.6 miles
Before Summer Winds El Camino real near Bowers ave 1.5 miles 6m “” once a week
After Summer Winds DeAnza Blvd in Cupertino 6.92 miles 18m once a week
All the times are relative to traffic and what time of day you are leaving and arriving, I figured it out with a pencil and a paper. Lets see … in only one year, That is 52 weeks Let’s see, hmmm from another angle; Every city wants you to spend your money where you live, but wait – there is something wrong with Santa Clara They actually want you to buy your necessities from some where else, To help you out, they log jam you with these over priced monstrosities being built near you. So you can spend what little free time you have in traffic, just like L.A. How thoughtful and nice to think of you. We do not need favors like that!