Letter from Analee Wartinger

Some time ago a book titled “Who Stole My Cheese?” was published, detailing the changing job market in the USA. I would like to modify that title to “Who Stole my City?”, referring to Santa Clara, CA. I have been a resident of Santa Clara for over 36 years. Before I arrived I understand there was a quaint downtown that included small business and a theater, now replaced by Franklin Mall. But in my time here there was a day I could take a couple of hours to buy some clothes at the Santa Clara Kohl’s, stop by OSH for bird seed, buy plants at El Real Nursery-or later at Summerwinds, get all my school/office supplies at Office Max and then stop at Save Mart for groceries–all located within blocks of each other on the El Camino. I pity the new residents of Santa Clara. So much of the community feeling has disappeared along with these brick and mortar businesses. Sure, we can buy what we need on Amazon, or drive to other cities to shop, but we need the heart of retail back in Santa Clara! Help! Let’s make sure there are more than apartments in Santa Clara!