Letter From Fred Brousseau

Regarding your recent coverage of the Santa Clara Stadium Authority audit being conducted by our firm and discussed at the Ad Hoc Stadium Audit Committee’s September 26, 2016 audit status meeting, I believe the nature of the meeting and some of my comments were misrepresented. (“No Evidence of Deliberate Wrong-Doing” in Stadium Time Reporting, Says Auditor).

I want to emphasize that the audit is not complete and statements that I made do not represent final audit conclusions. Rather, they were presented as part of a periodic status report to the Committee, where we discuss issues being worked on and observations at that point in time. It was not our intent to provide, nor did the Committee expect, a presentation of all evidence and conclusions about City timekeeping practices and management or whether any deliberate employee wrong-doing has occurred. Final audit findings and conclusions on those and other topics will be made and presented only after our review and vetting of appropriate evidence.