Letter From Douglas Carter

No disrespect to the Assistant City Manager, Mrs. McCarthy, but her statement in last week’s “Letters to the Editor” was untrue. We donated $5000 to the city of Santa Clara’s Fourth of July fireworks display in 2010. This was within the first year that we opened and this $5000 donation was still higher than two percent of our gross. The city returned the $5000 donation to us stating that the city of Santa Clara would not accept any donations from Angel’s Care. I can prove these facts. In addition to this correction, I would also like to add that Angel’s Care has paid some of the fines from the city. A couple of months after we opened, the city started fining us $1000 a day. Then it went to $1000 a week. We were paying all fines until it increased from $1000 a week to $2000 a week (as it still is) when we put up a sign. At the city’s request we had the sign removed. Then they started fining us for the banners on our building that had been in place since we opened. This amount is much more than two percent. These fines are exorbitant and we cannot afford them; however, we have made several payments on these fines.