Letter from Craig Larsen

Stadium Authority – no transparency there!

Taxpayers deserve to know how their hard-earned tax dollars are spent. Where did the up to 40 million in Redevelopment Agency tax dollars, ear-marked for the stadium, go? The Santa Clara Stadium Authority, a joint powers public authority, have no legal requirement to provide public financial statements. But shouldn’t the public be informed of the financial health of the Stadium Authority? What are the SA’s income, expenses, payroll and long-term debt? Why can’t the SA provide, at a minimum, quarterly financial statements?

The SA governing board are the same people as our City Council – no checks and balances or oversight there! What a public authority is REQUIRED to do is a legal matter – what the Stadium Authority CHOOSES to do is a matter of character. Santa Clarans deserve a Council/SA with the character willing to be transparent and disclose how taxpayer money is spent.