Letter from Christine Koltermann

Santa Clara Unified and the County Board of Education need to adopt the City of Santa Clara’s strong code of campaign ethics.

SCUSD voters are being bombarded by negative ads, mailers, robocalls, and websites sponsored by two political action committees (PACs). Contact information for these PACs shows that operators largely do not live in or have children in our school district.


Who is funding these PACs? Voters can’t yet know because PAC donors strategically waited until after the September 30th campaign reporting deadline to launch their negative campaigns, thus hiding their identities until near the end of October, well after ballots were mailed.

Voters, please access unbiased candidate information at smartvoter.org and watch the SCUSD candidate forum on youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22_Xsw4s4t0&list=UUa4nbuL1RdxOx9jf7V7O4_A&index=2&feature=plcp


The negative campaigning is particularly disturbing because October is national bullying prevention awareness month. These PACs, and the candidates they support, are setting a horrible example for our children.