Letter From Carol Chard

I am outraged that the Mayor and Council of Santa Clara are willing to take on $850 million in debt in order to bring the 49ers to Santa Clara, and behave as though there is nothing unusual about it. I have called and written to the city staff expressing my concerns and the response I hear over and over is “The people voted for it.” The wording of Measure J lead us to believe that the city’s portion would only be $42 million, and that this amount would come from redevelopment funds. Now we are finding out the true cost and it is far beyond what we originally voted for. Our city leaders need to stop pandering to the wants and whims of Jed York and think about the citizens of Santa Clara. After all, when it’s all said and done, it will be we citizens who are left holding the bag and trying to figure out how we’ll afford to pay for this boondoggle. I hope our city leaders will come to their senses and stop this nonsense now … before it’s too late.