Letter from Becky Pereira

I am a teacher. I have taught at Ponderosa Elementary School since 2000. I am a product of Santa Clara schools (Millikin Elementary, Peterson Middle and Wilcox High School). I am also a mother of two children, and live in Santa Clara.

Why am I and other teachers of SCUSD endorsing Jodi Muirhead, Noelani Sallings and Andy Ratermann for school board?

It’s simple. We want a board who will work collaboratively with district administration to make the best decisions for the students of SCUSD. We want a board who treats staff with respect. We want a board that will help us to provide the best education possible to our students by addressing educational issues in a timely manner.

It’s time that we elect a board who will put children first, not just in their words, but with their actions. Join teachers and parents in supporting Jodi, Noelani and Andy.