Letter from Anne Marie Weiss

Remember the good old days? Gas was $.99/gallon, bread was affordable, and the state of CA did not siphon funds from our budget to repair THEIR mismanagement? Times have changed.

Santa Clara Schools have utilized savings, rented unused space, and applied cutbacks and layoffs to cover the property tax shortfall. If the state managed THEIR funds and applied cuts appropriately, they would not require us to pay a ‘fair share’ (over $35M to date) to close THEIR budget shortfalls.

Don’t let kids pay the price for mistakes of state politicians. Measure A won’t solve the problem, it’s a start. It will prove that we care about our property values since they are directly related to quality of public schools and more importantly, we care about basic education for the kids in our community.

If you are a senior, you can exempt yourself and enjoy the benefits of increased property values – a win-win for you. Please vote yes on Measure A.