Letter from Ann Behrens

Students seem to have taken a back seat during this election in Santa Clara Unified. Wouldn’t it be great if before candidates assume that because their children didn’t get into Milikin that the solution is to run for the board and turn all schools into Milikin lookalikes. As a parent in the District that is not a choice that my family wants. It is also not the choice that many in our district want. If it were there would be thousands on the waiting list. The Milikin style would be a disaster for our children. I love that my children go to diversified schools.

I know that Jim Van Pernis, Elise De Young and Albert Gonzalez have all SCUSD students as their priority. All three worked almost daily to help pass Measure A last spring. We need these levelheaded candidates on the board so that the students are the priority once again.