Letter from Alan Eft

I live close to the 49ers Stadium construction site. I’ve stated before that I do not want the additional noise, vehicle & pedestrian traffic (including traffic restrictions) and littering that may occur. During 49er games some of that can be controlled, but not from the other anticipated 26 major events. So, you know that I don’t want the stadium.

But, if the Oversight Committee takes the $30M RDA money away, the 49ers will probably sue the City to live up to their contractual obligation. Where will that money come from? The City will probably get a loan, or take it from other City budgets. Neither one of those are good choices.

I have no doubt that the stadium is going to be completed. So, I sure hope that the RDA money can be given to the 49ers, so the City won’t have to make up that $30M from somewhere else.