Letter from Rich Solis

The 49ers and the city leaders are worried about misinformation, that’s laughable.

These are the same groups that pushed through Measure J which, if memory serves, was to a generic document, between the 49ers and the city, no details at all, and sold as a great deal for the city.

Like with Measure J, the DDA that was just passed has some detail but more surprises and questions than answers. Again, our city council voted and passed another incomplete agreement.


In their haste to get the stadium built, this council has sold the farm by writing a check they will never be able to cash and making promises that will likely never come to fruition.

I wonder, if we knew then what we know now would this have passed?

I hope for the city’s sake that I’m wrong but so far this councils actions doesn’t project confidence.

What a hole we have dug.