Chokeholds – Letter to the Editor

You got it a little bit wrong.

“Banning” chokeholds so that they’re only used when really, really necessary is quite a contradiction.

Is someone saying that they used to be used recreationally up till the ban?


Does anyone doubt that police thought they were “necessary” before and will again?  I don’t

Does someone think the training, weaponry, and back up are not sufficient?  That the other cops standing around when the chokee is killed aren’t enough force?  The killing cop was STILL in fear of his life?

I think this is no help.  And it’s STILL open season on Blacks or whomever may be the object of the cops’ anger. I refer you to the surveillance tape that tells a very different story than the officer’s report.

Sorry, folks, I can’t swallow your view on this.

Chuck Jagoda

Yogais Youth