Car Burglary Epidemic – Letter to the Editor

Thank you for your fact-filled report on the continuing failure of the Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) to stop the growing auto burglary menace. Auto burglary is not just theft. It is a violent, felonious invasion of the sanctity of our cars. I am disappointed by the SCPD’s response which consists mainly of advising the public not to leave valuables in their cars. This is just not good enough. Drivers cannot lug their property into everywhere they eat and shop.

The SCPD needs to adopt a more aggressive Mayor Giuliani approach by: (a) frequently patrolling the big parking lots where these felonies occur; (b) conducting live video surveillance using cars, filled with valuables, as bait; and (c) working with the District Attorney to make public examples of those who are caught by imposing stiff sentences. In short, the well-paid professionals of the SCPD need to produce results, not mere warnings.