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It’s Time to Revisit Fiorillo’s

I pass Fiorillo’s Restaurant Tuesdays on the way to my son’s play date. It looks interesting and I have wanted to try it for some time now.

Let me just begin by saying the food is delicious. It is everything I had hoped for. One thing I learned in my three years overseas is: the closer you get to Italy, the more authentic the Italian food. My favorite restaurant in Tarragona, Spain (our former city of residence) is Trastavere, an Italian restaurant near the Mediterranean shore. Aside from the sea-front view, the Spanish rambla (a cobblestone path in the middle of the boulevard made for pedestrians) and the underground parking, the dining experience at Fiorillo’s was just as memorable

The main course is visually appealing and the portions are generous. The pork chop special is topped with a delightful combination of teriyaki glaze, mushrooms and wild rice. I am told by the wait staff that it is Fiorillo’s “baby,” due to the lovely mountainous topping. The accompanying potatoes au gratin are encapsulated by a circle of cheesy perfection.


Another signature dish is the Ravioli Toscana, which does not disappoint. The portabella raviolis are sautéed with prosciutto ham, mushrooms and peas in a white cream sauce. It is fantastic.

Another thing I know about Europe is the dedication to the staple of freshly made bread on every dinner table. Fiorillo’s is no exception. The inside of the flax and sesame seed-laden crust is warm and soft while the outer layer is lightly crisped. You are also given a small plate of the traditional Italian focaccia bread in bite-sized portions.

Occasionally, broccoli soup is included in the starter section of the dinner menu. It is delightfully rich. The generous amount of broccoli is bathed in dense cream. The fresh baby spinach salad is another appetizer that is sure to please. The chopped egg, bacon and mushrooms perfectly complement the tangy honey-mustard dressing.

Not to be outdone, the colossal raspberry cheesecake is baked to perfection. It is a perfect finale. My husband is not a cheesecake enthusiast and he was pleasantly surprised. He made sure that not one crumb was lost.

The home-style Italian décor is warm and inviting, while the music is a nice mix of big band and jazz favorites. The dim lights cast a lovely glow on the Tuscan-style wall hangings. The wait staff is friendly and patient (I admit, we did ask quite a few questions) and drinks come quickly. The list of specials is surprisingly extensive. In addition, there are specials not enumerated on the list.

The restaurant website,, is appealing and informational. Included on the home page is a Best of the Bay news clip on their menu selection and consistency. Parking is convenient and ample, and the location is easy to find. This is one place I will undoubtedly frequent.

(408) 984-0414
638 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Entrées range from $9.50 – $29.95

Note: All reviews are conducted anonymously and are typically based on one visit. The Santa Clara Weekly pays for all meals. For comments, questions or suggestions, email April Jones at


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