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Investing in Local Teens Futures

Lexus of Stevens Creek continues to invest in futures. Last month, the folks at Lexus hosted their annual Teen Volunteer Fair. The event joined over 1,000 young people, anxious to help, together with over 50 local non-profit organizations in need of volunteers.

The entire showroom, cleared and decorated for the occasion, was awash with positive vibes, proud parents and enthusiastic teens as they interacted with representatives from organizations as diverse as Humane Society of Silicon Valley, Children’s Discovery Museum, Positive Coaching Alliance and Family Giving Tree.

“We’re very proud to be a part of a project that goes to the very core of answering the needs of our community,” said Jared Miller, General Manager of Lexus of Stevens Creek. “While there is no shortage of good-hearted people with the time and desire to step up, the challenge has long been connecting them with the organizations on the front lines of delivering much needed services. We believe the Teen Volunteer Fair is one very large step in the right direction.”


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