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Disposing Documents in Santa Clara

Most people have hundreds of documents they’re afraid to throw out. Usually the pages they keep are tucked away in boxes or drawers and contain sensitive information like bank account or social security numbers. Tossing these pieces of paper into the trash may seem like the only option someone has to rid themselves of the clutter but with identity theft on the rise, it would be easy for a dumpster diver to retrieve the information and use it to their advantage.

To keep with the theme of Earth Day and to help the community with the plight of properly discarding their documents, the Mlnarik Law Group will host its first annual Shred Fest on April 22 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 2930 Bowers Avenue in Santa Clara.

“My director of business development saw it in the Midwest when he was visiting family,” said attorney Jon Mlnarik. “A bank was doing it so we adopted the idea…it seemed like it correlated well with what we want to do – get people to shred documents.”


Anyone can bring up to four banker’s boxes to the law office on Earth Day where Mlnarik and his associates will have a shredder available to safely dispose of any documents individuals are uncomfortable with tossing into the trash.

“We’d like to make it an annual thing because it corresponds well with tax season and Earth Day,” said Mlnarik. He continued, “Our goal is to reach out to the local business community and people who don’t have a shredding service. It’s great for the people of Santa Clara as well.”

Mlnarik Law Group is active within the Santa Clara community, sponsoring events such as the Mission City Fun Run and Celebrate Santa Clara. The group specializes in bankruptcy, real estate, business, family, and employment law. They also are available to help with estate planning. For additional information visit


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