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Cat Cat’s Nom Nom: A Quaint Bakery in Sunnyvale

Cat Cat’s Nom Nom is a Sunnyvale home bakery established in 2016 by Catherine Wong.

The story, like that of many in this region, stems from an immigrant.

Wong, who was born and raised in Yangon, Burma, immigrated to San Francisco with her family as an adolescent.


“I grew up in Myanmar and baking things at home wasn’t a common practice because our homes didn’t have ovens,” Wong recalled.

“I enjoy eating baked goods, so when I had access to an oven, I started by making box mixes.”

“In high school, I took home economics and enjoyed it,” Wong remembered.

According to Wong, her college years were when she developed a passion for baking.

“I wanted to go to culinary school but my family persuaded me to get a traditional university instead,” said Wong. “I studied Food Science at UC Davis, which was the closest thing I could think of to culinary school.”

After receiving her degree, she worked as a food scientist before deciding to start her own bakery.

Where did she get the lovely name of her business from?

“One of my dear friends called me Cat Cat,” Wong said. “It was adorable. I want my treats to be associated with something cute and whimsical.”

Cat Cat’s is best known for its macarons. Some of the flavors include Signature Nori, Thai Tea, Matcha Green Tea, Yuzu Citrus, Rose, and Double Chocolate. For those who want to try a variety of flavors, Chef Choice is an option.

Vanilla, ever conservative, safe, and reliable, is the most popular offering. For the more daring, Black Sesame is an option second to vanilla in popularity.

Custom macarons are also available, which can be shaped and designed to the buyer’s wishes.

Cat Cat’s bakery has had a number of highly creative customer requests, stretching the imaginations not only of the customer but also the creator. Requests have included Star Wars cookies for May the 4th, creating emojis for a conference where she got to meet the original Apple emoji creator, a Lego-themed birthday, and “Demon Slayer.”

Traveling is one of Wong’s favorite pastimes. It is also a source of inspiration for her baking creations.

“I would travel and discover new things I like,” said Wong. “The yearning I had for the sweets from far-away travels urged me to recreate them.

“I don’t quite have big plans,” was Wong’s reply when asked about the future of her home bakery. “I am just hoping to keep doing what I enjoy doing for as long as I can.

“I am grateful I get to express my creativity through baking and that people actually pay me to create treats for them to celebrate life’s many milestones,” continued Wong.

Baked items from Cat Cat’s Nom Nom can be ordered online through the company website, for pickup or delivery.

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