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Artec3D Demonstrates Unlimited Possibilities with Handheld 3D Scanners

Artec 3D specializes in professional portable, handheld 3D scanners, one of their scanners, named Space Spider, is slated to launch into space and help NASA at the International Space Station.

In June, the company moved their U.S. office and showroom to Santa Clara from Palo Alto. In their new showroom, they are featuring the Shapify Booth that can fit a human being to take a detailed 3D scan.

The person enters the scanner and stands in the middle, then large panels with 3D scanners rotate around the person. They must stay very still for 12 seconds. They can strike a pose to get printed as a 3D figurine or stand in a specific pose that can be used to animate a 3D mini-me into a GIF.


The company no longer prints the 3D figurines in-house, but they can recommend printers who can. They advertise memorializing special moments and have done 3D maternity shots and even a family “photo” with a dog.

In the display cases, Artec 3D showcases their handheld scanners, past to present. With scanners like Eva—that’s name is inspired by the character from Disney’s Wall-E—that has a portable battery pack, there are plenty of uses.

Using Eva, Artec 3D is the first company to 3D scan a U.S. president to make their traditional bust. Former President Obama’s bust was not created by having him sit patiently covered with plaster with straws in his nose for upwards of 30 minutes—a few minutes with Eva and he was back to running the country.

“The variety of applications is enormous,” said Anna Galdina, Channel Manager.

Galdina listed ways the scanners have been used—anything from medical to archeological, education to animation, architecture to auto mobiles.

The scans utilize and hold tons of data: color, texture, size, and more. Which is perfect for reverse engineering—one of the most popular applications.

Additionally, the scanners do not need to be used in a static environment with perfect lighting or markers. The Eva scanner can be used in complete darkness. The scanners don’t need to be calibrated.

The scanners have no limitations, according to Galdina. “They can scan for hours. The only limitation is the computer,” she said.

The more powerful the computer, the longer the scanner can work. Their newest scanner—Leo—will have a built-in computer for even more portability and extended memory. It includes NVIDIA Jetson platform.

Their scanners work with their proprietary software to render the 3D images. The software has an auto pilot mode, similar to the default settings on a camera, according to Anton Bosneaga, Channel Manager. Or the users can play with settings for customized experience and to make additional adjustments to the scan.

Artec3D works with local businesses and clientele, though Galdina said they could not disclose some of their clients due to ongoing projects. Galdina and Bosneaga said some announcements are coming soon, so keep an eye out.

They have case studies, transparent pricing, and more on their website, Contact them if you like to stop by and see demonstrations. They are located at 2880 Lakeside Dr., #135, Santa Clara. Their phone number is 1-669-292‒5614.


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