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Anything’s Possible

Anything's Possible Anything's Possible

“Anything’s Possible,” a bronze sculpture by Linda Serrao, was unveiled across from Levi’s Stadium last Wednesday. The sculpture is designed to convey the spirit of Santa Clara’s motto, the “Center of What’s Possible.”

As Linda Serrao explained, “The work was inspired by the wish of all school-aged children – to catch the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl. In this case, the child is running to catch a football about to be thrown by a big-league quarterback.” Serrao explained that the inspiration for the sculpture came from a boy she had seen playing catch with his father, a professional quarterback coach. “He kept me on the straight and narrow, so I was really luck to have both of these inspirational figures to help.”

The sculpture is really two pieces – one is the quarterback and the other, the boy running to catch the football. With the sculpture on display across from Levi’s Stadium, just outside the Tasman parking garage, people walking out of the garage will be greeted by a scene that will resonate with many childhood memories. Rather than a static image, this sculpture has a flow and motion. The boy, at first glance, really appears to be running to catch the ball even knowing its there, and it’s easy to think the boy is real. With the backdrop of the stadium across the street and the electronic sign with “Welcome to the Home of Super Bowl 50” and “#SB50,” the scene is sure to bring a smile to many who encounter it.


The statue unveiling is one of several community activities taking place in Santa Clara leading up to the Super Bowl. Last Sunday, was the Super Bowl 50 Fun Run. On Wednesday, January 18, Grid Iron Glory opens at the Triton Museum of Art. The STEM Innovation Bowl at the Central Park Library will be held on Saturday, Jan. 30th from 10am to 5pm.


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