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AARP Tax Aide

AARP Tax Aide volunteers will be at the Santa Clara Senior Center every Tuesday and Thursday through April 15th from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The volunteers are not trained to prepare tax forms that report business, rental, or partnership income. Please bring the following with you when you come for your appointment.

Valid photo identification and tax payer identification number(s)

Birth dates of all individuals appearing on the return


Bank routing numbers and account number for direct deposit

Copies of your tax returns and supporting documents you filed for Year 2012.

Your W-2 forms from each employer for year 2013

Your 1099G forms for unemployment

Your SA-1099 forms for Social Security received in Year 2013

All 1099 Forms (1099 Int, 1099 Div, 1099R, 1099 Misc) for interest, dividends, annuities, IRA distribution, and miscellaneous income received in Year 2013

Your cost basis and acquisition date for the sale, or exchange, of stocks, bonds etc. in Year 2013, Form 1099B

Your record of withholding and estimated tax payments for year 2013 (forms 1040ES, and 540ESS)

Name and address of landlord to receive State Renters Credit.

If you plan to itemize deductions, please bring a consolidated list of your 2013 medical expenses, contributions of cash or goods, tax payments, home mortgage interest payments, and miscellaneous deductions.

Call the Santa Clara Senior center to make an appointment, 408-615-3170


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