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Time to Revisit Stan’s Donuts

Most people would agree with the statement: ‘Out with the old, in with the new.’ But it’ll take just one trip to Stan’s Donuts to make you rethink that. Back in 1959 Stan’s Donuts opened its doors in Santa Clara and since then has been churning out some of the most delicious donuts you’ll find in the Bay Area. Everything about Stan’s feels original. From the recipes they use to the sign above the door, Stan’s leaves you with a strong nostalgia for the old-fashioned type of life. Located in Mariposa Gardens Shopping Center on Homestead Road, Stan’s Donuts is a bit hidden away – but usually the best food places are.

Upon entering Stan’s, the decor will have you believing that you have time traveled back to the 1960s. An original, tarnished menu sits above the fryers. And at the very front of the store facing the window is a large counter where employees roll out and shape the dough right in front of you, leaving little of the donut-making process to the imagination. Next to that is the glass window where all the different donuts are displayed, followed by a counter with a row of old-fashioned seats leading to the back of the shop. Stan’s is popular and on most days is packed with people lined up to get their hands on these tasty creations. The shop opens up at 6 a.m. every single morning, with 8 to 11 a.m. being the busiest time.

Stan’s menu is simple. For just 90 cents there are several donut varieties that you can choose from including: glazed, sugar, frosted/decorated cake and old fashioned. The shop also offers a jelly–filled donut and a maple bar for just 40 and 50 cents more, respectively. Other menu items include cinnamon rolls, sandwiches, burgers and even buttermilk donuts that change flavors every day.

One of the most popular items at Stan’s are the classic glazed donuts, which are always warm and fresh from the moment they are handed to you until the moment they hit your mouth. The glazed donut is doughy with a warm hint of cinnamon, making it hard to stop at just one. Many customers at Stan’s also love the jelly-filled donut, which is covered in powdered sugar and filled with a hefty portion of sweet jelly. The frosted and decorated cake donuts are typically children’s favorites, due to the sprinkles and colors, and are much more dense and sweeter than the other varieties offered. And if you are a fan of maple syrup, then look no further than the maple bar, which has a natural maple flavor combined with a light, airy dough texture that’ll melt right in your mouth.

Stan’s does not bring customers in with its flashiness or over-the-top flavors and decorations like other donut places, but rather its humbleness and simple creations. Very few businesses can thrive in today’s economic climate, resulting in more and more mom-and-pop shops closing their doors to make room for the ‘next big thing.’ But from the taste of the donuts here, it looks like this Santa Clara treasure is here to stay. You won’t find another donut shop serving up affordable, old-fashioned treats like this one.

Stan’s Donuts is located at 2628 Homestead Road, Santa Clara. For more information please call: (408) 296-5982.


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