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Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs Say Leave Fireworks to the Professionals


Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs are encouraging community members to enjoy professional fireworks displays to avoid potential injuries and fires. Every year, illegal fireworks cause thousands of emergency room visits and millions of dollars of property loss across the US.

Professional fireworks displays are planned throughout Santa Clara County to offer families a safe way to enjoy the July 4th holiday.

“It is imperative that the community knows the risks involved in using illegal fireworks, so injuries and tragedies can be prevented,” says City of Santa Clara Fire Chief Ruben Torres. “The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to watch the professional displays. Fireworks are illegal and are just not work the risk.”


“As we approach the peak fire season, it’s important to prioritize safety over excitement. With the 4th of July upon us, the use of Illegal fireworks may seem thrilling, but they come with significant risks,” CAL FIRE Santa Clara Unit Chief Baraka Carter explained.

“For your safety, the safety of others, and the safety of our communities, make sure you adhere to all local regulations when it comes to the use of safe and sane fireworks or opt to attend a professional fireworks display instead,” continued Carter. “Let’s prioritize safety over risk and make this 4th of July a fun and enjoyable one for all!”

Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Chief Phan S. Ngo echoed the sentiment.

“Using illegal fireworks, particularly during the dry summer months, dramatically increases the chances of fire outbreaks,” said Ngo. “Illegal fireworks are a significant and dangerous source of fires and cause numerous injuries every year. Instead, I encourage everyone to celebrate the 4th of July by attending one of the many planned professional fireworks displays.”

Professional fireworks displays locally include California’s Great America. Santa Clara will have a community event on the nearby Mission College campus, where attendees can stay to watch the fireworks.

Firefighters say if there is an active fire or medical emergency, remember to call 9-1-1.

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