Why Are We Not Voting on Legislation Which Ends Single-family Zoning? – Letter to the Editor

According to census.gov, there are approximately 7 million single-family homes in California, and approximately 21 million people living in them (slightly more than 50% of the state’s population)..

SB 9 and SB 10 are high-density housing bills currently making their way through the state legislature, which eliminate single-family zoning, and allow lot-splits and multi-unit buildings in single-family neighborhoods. The intent of these bills is to produce more affordable housing (although neither has affordable housing requirements), and there has been much debate over who will be helped or hurt if they pass.

A recent poll by former Obama campaign pollster David Binder, found that 71% of respondents opposed SB 9, and 75% opposed SB 10.

SB 9 passed the State Senate 28-12 (70%), and SB 10 passed 27-13 (68%), contrary to public opinion.

Why are Californians not voting on these bills?