Truths About Our City – We Need New Councilmembers or Our City SUFFER – Op-Ed

I would like to share this with you. The elections here are so ugly now. Does anyone care about our future? I feel like PACs are the only thing the City Mayor and people are talking about.  Why is that? Aren’t there a lot of issues like affordable housing, the huge deficit, the huge increase in our garbage rate, the flooding in the Northside due to the water pipes breaking. Or how we are going to pay back the loan for the stadium.

This is very concerning to our generation. We may be young, but we know this is bad for people.

It seems we have to worry who can be trusted to use the powers for good and not someone’s agenda. Looks like the Councilmembers Watanabe, Davis, O’neil, and the City Clerk, the City Attorney, and even some of the staff are not trustable by the way they are using their powers.  Essentially, the whole city is the puppet of the Mayor.

Reddit had a post from someone, which seems to be very true here.

Our generation doesn’t want this kind of politics or politicians. They have to go. These types of people will destroy our city and will always find a way to lie and twist the truth. Instead of looking at their effectiveness. I saw how much development is coming in District 1 but the city didn’t add any more public transportation. So how are we supposed to stay here and get around? The current administration has made a mess for our city with the stadium and now they want to bring so much more without a plan. Yet no one is talking about this . Why?

The Mayor keeps making comments about Bhatia, Becker, Jain, and Park slate and saying they are going to be influenced by the 49ers. However, there is no proof except their speculation. Yet the Mayor, Councilmember Watanabe and Davis are the ones who brought them and couldn’t manage them, right? Made a complete mess of it. They have already shown us what they are capable of. Why isn’t that worse for us? Why would we want them to continue?

I looked into Ms. Bhatia’s website, and there is no comment, discussion or platform about extending the Levi’s Stadium curfew or law changes. Only that we have to make money from it. I nor my friends have been able to find anything about this.

Instead I saw a post on her site about some very important facts and plans for our city. By looking into Santa Clara city website, it appears to be true.  If this is the case, then we have some big problems.

I am very concerned that our generation is at risk. The current establishment administration needs to go.  I say let’s forget that the two opposing slates have various PACs independently supporting them, and look at their platforms and skills.

I have seen Ms Bhatia and Mr. Park. I believe they can do good for us. Both, have the skills to do it. For those that read this, please don’t forget to look at the issues because the Mayor and her puppets are twisting the truth.  This is already happening at our national level, let’s not let it happen here.

I hope you will publish this and I will share it.



Aliass Sach and other youth members



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