Time for Me to Grow Up – Letter to the Editor

I keep reading Ms Nolan’s comments with appreciation, as she had the courage to use her name unlike the initial signer who is a coward. I sometimes use literary allusions to demonstrate that Steinbeck, Sinclair Lewis, and Joyce wrote,as did others about towns just like Santa Clara. Go to the excellent libraries which people like Ms. Watanabe helped support, you learn that. I do have strong opinions. I did say the Youth Soccer League was right, that curfews are right, that dark money fundraisers who defamed Davis, Gillmor, Jain, and Watanabe should be horse whipped. But I also believe inviting lobbyists to social gatherings is unethical, and going on junkets with advocates is unethical. It is a matter of Biblical scripture that they that troubleth their own house shall inherit the wind and that ignorance and fanaticism are forever busy and need feeding.