Teachers Support Bonnie, Andrew and Albert – Letter to the Editor

I am a teacher and lifelong resident of SC. I have taught at Pomeroy for 16+ yrs. I am a product of SCUSD (Pomeroy, Buchser and SCHS).

I and other teachers of SCUSD endorse Bonnie Lieberman, Andrew Knaack and Albert Gonzalez for school board.

We want a board who will work collaboratively with district stakeholders to make the best decisions for SCUSD students. We want a board who listens and respects teacher and parent voice. We want a board that will help us to provide the best education possible to our students by addressing educational issues, especially during this pandemic, in a timely manner. We want transparency in decision making so we can prepare for the future.


It’s time that we elect a board who will put children first, not just in their words, but with their actions. Join teachers and parents in supporting Bonnie, Andrew and Albert!