Taxpayer Funds Spent on Campaign Is Unethical – Letter to the Editor

I resent the use of taxpayer money to pay for the campaign to support Sunnyvale’s Measure B; I think it is unethical and a violation of voters’ trust.

Here is what can be done to partially rectify what Sunnyvale city has done:

Pay back into taxpayer funds the total expense of producing and mailing campaign brochures. This can be done by getting the Yes on Measure B organization to reimburse the city. Failing that, require the individuals responsible for it reimburse taxpayers’ funds from their own pockets.


Quickly produce a good quality, simple brochure and mail to all voters/residents that states the original brochure was a mistake, is unethical, and should be ignored, i.e. voters are encouraged to decide if Measure B is good or bad public policy.

Further note in the brochure that directly-elected mayor and the loss of one council seat are NOT mandated by California law.

Yogais Youth