Santa Clara Deserves Better – Letter to the Editor

So fortunately Measure C has failed.  Gillmor and Associates were not able to get residents to commit to 3 districts and to lowering the chances of outsiders and minorities getting elected.  She and her people try to hide behind the last Charter Review Committee.  But they picked those residents.  The Gillmorites have cultivated a reactionary contingent.  What it comes down to is making money off of real estate, not concerns of residents about livability.  And that Committee was not all in agreement either.  How much better if this initiative cycle had been used to change the charter to codify the court’s order, 6 districts.  We will get that, but now it will still mean some legal action and more costs to the tax payer.

It is Gillmor and her people who made this Voter Disenfranchisement lawsuit unavoidable, because they ran on lies and deceptions, their duplicity shattered the trust which made governance by consensus workable.

And clearly Gillmor has been working with professional political consultants, from Measure J up though the present, to be able to so deceptively manipulate the electorate.


Voter disenfranchisement is not their only realm.  Gillmor has also been able to behind the scenes manipulate the police department, to turn it into something which does her bidding.  We must now brace ourselves for “Proactive Policing”, “Arresting people before they have committed any crime.”

Don’t let Gillmor fill seat 5.  And get Gillmor and all of her minions, like Watanabe, off of the Council.  Santa Clara deserves better!