Rusty Screw found in Food (In and Out burger) – Letter to the Editor

Dear editor, I wanted to bring to your attention my horrifying experience of finding a screw in my French fries this afternoon at an In and Out burger joint. My friends and I were getting lunch here when I discovered a rusty looking screw underneath some fries. I was shocked. I almost consumed this disgusting piece of metal which had no business being in my food. This is highly unsettling. I have no idea what rust/ lubricants / chemicals have been on this screw. People are terrified when they find a strand of hair in their food, what then of a rusty screw? When I complained at the counter, they had no regard for the gravity of this but just said that they would replace my fries. I’m genuinely concerned about the safety and hygiene of in-and-out restaurants. I am waiting to hear from the hygiene rep of in-and-out.