Re: SCPD Receives State Funding to Battle Car Break-Ins – Letter to the Editor

I hope that the Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) uses the vast majority of the funds it has recently received from the state to combat the car burglary epidemic by mounting more sting operations and high visibility patrols. The SCPD and our District Attorney, Jeff Rosen, need to immediately educate the criminals that they will be caught, they will be convicted, and they will be punished.
While the public is already fully educated about this epidemic, they do not want to have to lug their valuables around everywhere they go and be mugged like that poor man in the cemetery last month. Pressurizing merchants to hire security guards (as though we lived in a lawless Third World country) will not work either because guards do not have the necessary equipment, training, or legal arrest powers to get results. The SCPD and DA need to capture and punish these nasty menaces.