Re: Regarding Letter To The Editor – Letter to the Editor

Kudos Where Kudos Are Due

My thanks to Mr. Rowen’s Feb 7 2019 Letter to the Editor in the same issue as mine which was in regards to his past Letters to the Editor.

Finally, one of his Letters to the Editor that is succinct (stripped of all the usual literary references, etc. I discussed in my previous Letter to the Editor) and understandable not only by an 8th grader (IMHO) but a University graduate such as myself.

I believe it is important especially when publicly negatively criticizing someone’s work to also acknowledge publicly when it has changed for the better. Hence this Letter to the Editor from me.

I met Mr Rowen once at City Lights Expresso years ago when he had been writing succinct and understandable Letters to The Editor and thanked him for doing so week after week and that I read every one and they were nice summaries of what was going on in Santa Clara from the point of view of a non-elected official.

I also told him that while I didn’t always (at that time when I could understand what he was writing) agree with his opinions, I felt it was very brave of him to write and have his opinions published. You never know how your opinions will be received by the general public (just as I know the same applies to my February 7 2019 Letter to the Editor.)

So I want to thank Mr Rowen for returning to his old writing style, for writing every week, and for caring so much about the City of Santa Clara to do so.

I look forward to reading future Letters to the Editor from him (so long as they are stripped of obscure literary references, etc.)



Jojo Noland