Re: Kill the Messenger – Letter to the Editor

Sorry for my late response to Mr. Barber’s “Kill the Messenger” editorial column.

I am seriously concerned about Attorney Doyle’s request to get the names, payment, and contact information of the subscribers and advertisers in The Weekly newspaper.  I have to wonder how Attorney Doyle planned on using this information?  Why is this information important to Santa Clara in running its business or from a legal perspective?   Unless The Weekly is being accused of illegal transactions, Attorney Doyle has seriously overstepped his charter.  It is increasingly disappointing on the number of ramrod actions taken within the City of Santa Clara government.  They are emulating the actions of President Trump in thinking they can throw their collective weight around and feel that they can get away with it.  Not only has Attorney Doyle and Mayor Gillmor lost my respect due to their actions, they have both lost my vote.

Thank you for all of the information you provide to Santa Clara residents!  We truly enjoy this local source of information.



Best regards,

Winnie Sloan

Resident of Santa Clara