Public Property – Letter To The Editor

Does Lisa Gillmor own Public Property Advisors? No, Gary Gillmor “The Happy Warrior,” does. On May 17, 1994, the FPPC wrote a letter to Mike Downey. They said the fees Gillmor collected from Santa Clara Unified did not represent a conflict on matters before the city council In Rowen vs. Santa Clara Unified, the court ruled that PPA was a firm consultating with the district not employed by the district, In 1977, Gary Gillmor voluntarily asked the FPPC whether his real estate business owned part of the Franklin Mall. The FPPC ruled Gary is the sole investor of the real estate business which owns Public Property Advisors. Gary is no Donald Trump. He combs his hair, but does not come over it. Lisa is not a political dragon lady, she is more like Rockford’s Right On Ruth played by Mary Frann. There is no conflict.