Poem – You Know It – Letter to the Editor

Hello dear Editor,
I want to share my poem, if it possible.

You Know It

You know it! I want to talk to you
Don’t blame, don’t chide, don’t quarrel.
We’re different, but we have to live with you
And everything in life will happen.
You know it! As haven and earth we are with you
You are like sun and I’m last year’s snow
You shine bright
I’m melting, melting…
You are like mighty oak tree
If only a ray of sun will touch you,
You will come life, your leaves will rustle
And happiness and love,
And everything will return to you.
And I’m like melted water spring,
Whose streams rang on the ground.
And suddenly I dried up under sun
Forever, without a trace and sound
Not a stream, not a drop of me was gone.


Thank you!
Sincerely, Yuliya Anisimava

Yogais Youth