Pandemic of Racism – Letter to the Editor

The Santa Clara Police Officers Association (POA), Firefighters Union and Local AFL-CIO union all set themselves apart as being completely tone deaf about what is happening in the community and our country when they admitted they’re all RACIST HOMEPHOBES.  They admitted it by who they’ve chosen to support in the upcoming city council election – the Rich All white old People’s Party.

These organizations all have one thing in common – they’re unions who are willing to use their political weight and money to control things to their liking.  Apparently, what they don’t like are Minorities (Harbir Bhatia, Suds Jain, Kevin Park, Gautam Barve) or Gay People (Anthony Becker).  These unions have shown they’re not willing to accept Santa Clara’s demographics have changed.  Instead they’ve shown they’re living in the past with ideas dating back to the 1920s instead of the 2020s.

They had a chance to endorse any one of the new candidates running against the Old (rich white people) Guard.  Suds Jain, Kevin Park, Harbir Kaur Bhatia, Anthony Becker and Gautam Barve offer Santa Clara voters a chance to push off the old ways of doing business as usual and show how Santa Clara truly is the Center of What’s Possible.


“Attention Santa Clara Unions!  The 21st Century is Calling!  Please leave your racist and fear mongering tendencies in the dustbin of history!”

Perhaps the most shameful is the Santa Clara Police Officers Association (POA).  Its members are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  How is being racist, not promoting minorities in the community doing that?   Perhaps it’s time to defund the POA and racist Unions?

David Cohen
Santa Clara, CA