No Skyport – Letter to the Editor

When I learned of the horrible tragedy in Manhattan concerning the helicopter crash, I recalled that during the 1960s, it was considered chic to use helicopters in downtown Manhattan using the PanAm Building as a heliport. There were many accidents, and using an urban area filled with building for air taxis was eliminated especially after 9/11. Now, Santa Clara’s Bluto Blogger given some money under the table from Jude the Cockroach, is boasting over the moronic idea of skyports at City Place in an area impacted by the airport, an area near a bird refuge, near an area to be littered with large buildings, Respect for the community is never a Jude Barry objective, his attitudes are like mud slime that comes from the slough, filled with stink and staining the area. Be prepared to move about town hoping for no debris.