Myanmar – Letter to the Editor

Feeling Lucky in Myanmar

They came for us
Me, Ko Toe and Lay Thandar
In the middle of the night

At the station
We were told to “ride our bikes”
So off we went
Bow-legged and arms holding an imaginary wheel
Vroom, Vroom, Vroom


We went on and on and on
Until poor Ko Toe had a coughing fit
Was kicked hard on the rump and fell flat on his face
Blood streaming from his nose and mouth
He got up and helped us keep the rhythm

This went on it seemed forever
Till they got tired of the sport
And went away to torture some poor souls
In the nearby cells
The screams kept us awake all night.

In the morning
They let us go
We felt lucky
Although Ko Toe lost four front teeth
And we all lost our voice
At least Thandar hadn’t been molested.