My Letter – Letter to the Editor

Santa Clara voters are faced with a very difficult decision come election day. Do they vote for the future or do they elect the same reruns election after election that are often propped up by an agenda of one individual our current Mayor Lisa Gillmor? She is backing my opponent Robert Mezzetti an attorney and a registered lobbyist for a developer. Mezzetti has also been the attorney for Mayor Gillmor on numerous occasions while on the other hand she has been a realtor for him. This relationship presents too many conflicts of interest for our city.  In fact, they both do not have the best interests in mind for our city. Developers pillage our community and destroy our heart while the cost of living has skyrocketed and the quality of life has declined.

Our city is at a crossroads. We have one foot in the future and one foot in the past often lost somewhere between yesterday, today and tomorrow. We forget the needs of today. The focus on the stadium neglected the neighborhoods near the Apple Campus and overall poor planning on development in general. We need neighborhood harmony, we need the affordable housing, a new downtown, fixing traffic, and listening to our residents above all because their voice is what matters the most.

I have run a grassroots campaign driven by hard work, dedication and loyalty to my community. I started my campaign in February with a plan to provide a better alternative to voters. Who do they want to lead District 6? Who do they want to help lead Santa Clara into the future?


I have walked the entire district, have gone to every home and spoke to many in our community. I hear the needs & the call to provide strong leadership during tough times. I have the experience working in the community resolving resident’s quality of life issues.

This is my home, this is your home, this is our home. We are home to so much creativity, so much passion and so much diversity.  It is time for fresh leadership for District 6 and I respectfully ask for your votes by November


Thank you,

Anthony Becker

Candidate for District 6

Yogais Youth