Letters from Judy Tucker

Whether or not I agree with them, I always look forward to reading Miles Barber’s enthusiastic editorials. However I was disappointed to note that some worthy candidates weren’t even mentioned in his 10/7/14 editorial. I want to make 2 points here: 1) It is difficult to challenge Santa Clara’s “eternal college/club/machine” of recycled “good old boys/girls” and costs those dearly who should be admired for attempting it. 2) Wanting to do due diligence and not be swayed by visual graffiti (signs & flyers) or endorsement groups potentially looking for a puppet, I watched the 9/11 Candidates Forum on the City website. I was open to hearing everyone before making decisions how to vote and was surprised how influential the Forum was. I am now investigating my initial choices further and plan to attend or watch the Forums on 10/9 and 11/3. Although each Forum is 2 hours of valuable time, these are people who will make important decisions that affect us one way or another. Please take the time to attend or watch on TV or the website at least one of the Forums which may cement or change your votes.