Letter to the Editor by Suds Jain

I’m supporting Anthony Becker and not Lisa Gillmor for mayor. Gillmor has given Santa Clara a bad reputation for being combative and not working well with our neighbors. While Becker has very little political experience, the Mercury News agrees with me and did not endorse Gillmor this time. Gillmor has stacked the council with friends who almost always vote the same as she. While she could have backed Raj Chahal, a widely respected community leader, she’s backing someone far less independent. She has spent at least $7 million of taxpayer money fighting a voting rights lawsuit that no city has ever won and now she wants to spent even more by appealing. Furthermore, Gillmor has demonstrated vindictiveness in moving to censure two fellow councilmembers. She backs a City Attorney who, time and time again, has shown bias and poor judgement. Time for new blood on the Council. Vote Becker!


Suds Jain