Letter to the Editor by Robert O’Keefe

City Clerk

Submitted By Robert O’Keefe   

I’m Robert O’Keefe, candidate for City Clerk.  I was born and raised in Santa Clara and attended local schools, grammar school through college.  I bought my current home in Santa Clara in 1999, where I live with my wife Lori, we both love Santa Clara and have no plans of leaving.

I recently retired from the California Highway Patrol after 30 years of service.  I attained the rank of Lieutenant, ultimately overseeing patrol operations in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties.

The duties of the Santa Clara City Clerk have recently changed with the greatest responsibility being that of the city’s Election Official.  I believe that this position needs to be non-political, non-partisan, and public service oriented, ensuring true democracy and transparency in all of our city elections.

My entire career has been dedicated to public service, and I still wish to serve.  I have proven leadership skills and vast government administrative experience.  If elected, I will perform my duties professionally, honestly, with high moral and ethical standards.  Santa Clara is my city, it’s your city, it’s our city!