Letter to the Editor by Mohammed Nadeem

Dear Friends,

Next Tuesday is the Election Day, November 6.  Please do not forget to VOTE by mail or in-person. It Matters. Every vote counts and every vote will be counted.

Early voting is in-progress. Voting hours are 7 am to 8 pm. You can stop by Santa Clara Library or Santa Clara City Hall to drop-off your ballot.

Please make this a family affair. Parents, let your children see the value of this civic process. Many prisoners and some ex-felons in most US States are restricted from the elections and the voting process.

We thank God we’re Citizens (many of us are) of our country and we’re Free to Vote.

Please remember it’s a previlege and an honor to exercise the right to Vote.

So please VOTE on or before November 6th.


Thank you,
Dr. Mohammed Nadeem